Techspressionism 2021

My Nature, 2021, 48 x 48 inches (33 x 33″ image), unique Solarplate etching on Arches paper with ink, oil paint and oil pastel

Roy Nicholson’s mixed media Solarplate etching titled My Nature was selected to participate in Techspressionism 2021, an international online survey exhibition spanning a diverse field of artists from 26 nations around the world utilizing technology as a means of personal expression. Curated by artists Colin Goldberg and Patrick Lichty, the exhibition aims to present innovative work in a broad range of styles, reflecting the expressive potential of electronic media, as well as focusing on curatorial inclusivity in terms of gender equality, an international focus, and sociocultural diversity. The show’s selections range from notable digital art pioneers and established contemporary artists to emerging artists gaining visibility online within the NFT space, social media and the Techspressionist online community. Nicholson has explored modern and traditional technologies throughout his career and was an early practitioner of digital tools, combining them with manual techniques in his practice. My Nature is a unique Solarplate print on Arches paper with hand drawing and painting in ink, oil paint and oil pastel.

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