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My artwork for public sites is primarily concerned with exploiting the potential of a given architectural setting, responding appropriately to the work’s location within the building, and enhancing the environment for the enjoyment of those who use it.

At Union Station in Los Angeles, the east and west walls of a narrow passageway are figuratively dissolved to reveal sunrises and sunsets at different points in the solar cycle. Passengers moving through what was a gloomy corridor thus have an impression of daylight, and the narrow space seems to open out on panoramic vistas of the mountains to the east and ocean to the west of the station.

In developing imagery for public places, I consider its relationship to both the physical environment and the intended audience. My painting has long dealt with issues of revealing and obscuring, translucency and layering, and the time of day known as gloaming or twilight. It also addresses the passage of time and movement through space.