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Toxic Garden (Morning Glory) Series

Working again with Master Printmaker Dan Welden of Hampton Editions, and continuing the theme of Toxic Garden, Roy Nicholson began developing a new series of prints in 2020, the Toxic Garden (Morning Glory) Series. Presented here are the eight unique Solarplate etchings in the series made to date, to which Nicholson has added ink, oil paint and oil pastel by hand. Each sheet measures 48 x 48 inches, the image 33 x 33 inches.

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Toxic Garden (Sweet Pea) Series

A variable edition of 19 solarplate prints was produced in 2013 at the workshop of Dan Welden of Hampton Editions. Presented here is the series of 19 works titled: Toxic Garden (Sweet Pea).

“Roy Nicholson’s Toxic Garden, an edition of 19 solarplate monoprints… create an exquisite tableau that belies the toxic nature of the sweet pea plant in a variety of tones and shades. The masterful experiment in color juxtapositions causes the sweet pea to advance and retreat in a soft pattern akin to the 19th century designs of William Morris suggesting the rose and vine trellises in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.”

                                       -Laura G. Einstein, Journal of the Print World, 2017

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