Throughout my career I have developed paintings in series. One painting will often suggest alternatives that can be followed and exploited. Ideas can spread like branches of a tree. Although I am most interested in the process of painting, I often use a computer to revisit earlier states of a painting and to try out color or form changes. Most recently, the paintings contain abstract and representational references to landscape, particularly my garden. Their theme refers to the time of day known as gloaming, or twilight, when nature is in transition from daylight to darkness, and colors and forms glow with mysterious energy. 

As works come and go, I include them in an evolving wall installation that serves as a kind of diary, recording the variations on the gloaming theme as well as the development of the series itself, so that time also becomes an important element in the overall scheme. The large multi-panel work results in differing degrees of representation and abstraction, multiple spatial illusions, and various color concepts that can be read as individual paintings or as a more complex installation.