Roy Nicholson’s painting “Pond (31) Nkisi” is on view at The Long Island Museum,Stonybrook NY, until October 2014 in an exhibition titled, “75@75 Treasures From The Collection” The work is prominently displayed on the entrance panel to the exhibition which includes 75 works from the museum’s diverse collection of carriages, decorative arts and paintings.

“The Sweet Pea Suite and Works from the Toxic Garden Series”

Toxic Garden 9 (Lathyrus), 2014. Acrylic and oil on linen, 48 x 48 inches.

Toxic Garden 9 (Lathyrus), 2014. Acrylic and oil on linen, 48 x 48 inches.

A solo exhibition of works by Roy Nicholson is on display from June 16 to July 11, 2018, at the Dan Welden Studio/Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY. The Sweet Pea Suite and Works from the Toxic Garden Series includes paintings and solarplate etchings dating from 2006 to 2017. A Gallery Talk is scheduled for Wednesday, July 11th at 5:30 pm. The gallery is open by appointment only.

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Southampton Arts Center

Toxic Garden 5 (Ipomoea), 2011. Oil on linen, 48 x 48 inches.

Toxic Garden 5 (Ipomoea), 2011. Oil on linen, 48 x 48 inches.

From March 30th through May 20th, 2018, the Southampton Arts Center presents East End Collected4, curated by artist, Paton Miller. In its fourth edition, the exhibition continues to reflect Miller’s vision of this area as an ideal environment for artists to create work. It celebrates 30 new artists, honors the collectors who have supported them, and marks Southampton Arts Center as a home where the East End arts scene can continue to thrive.

Artists include Mary Abbott, Mike Ahearn, Hal Buckner, Perry Burns, Eteri Chkadua, Bonnie Cohen, Andrea Cote, Pierre Cote, Gregory de la Haba, James DeMartis, Ellen Frank, Elizabeth Geisler, Kimberly Goff, Elaine Grove, Michael Ferran, Sophie Howell, Dana Little, Steve Loschen, Kenny Mann, Mary Mattingly, Lindsay Morris, Roy Nicholson, Shimon Okshteyn, Mickey Paraskevas, Julia Scheuer, Kerry Sharkey-Miller, Liz Sloan, Neal Thomason, Abigail Vogel, and Dan Welden.

Roy Nicholson is represented with two large paintings from the Toxic Garden series: Toxic Garden (Lathyrus) and Toxic Garden (Ipomoea), both oil on linen and dated 2012 and 2011 respectively.

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The Heckscher Museum

Goldfish (49) II FM

On August 5th The Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington, NY opened Ebb & Flow: Seascape and Shoreline Views, an exhibition of works from the Permanent Collection that reveals varied aspects of the coastal environment and the enduring allure of the sea. Included alongside works by Arthur Dove, Thomas Moran, Stan Brodsky, Betty Parsons, Jules Olitski, and Maurice Prendergast, among others, is Goldfish (49) II, 1983-84, a monotype and pastel on paper in the museum collection since 1992. The exhibition is on view through 12 November 2017.

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The Cape Cod Museum

Cape Cod Installation web copy

A selection of twelve Solarplate etchings from the Toxic Garden (Sweet Pea) series will be on view in the exhibition Printmaking Collaborations: International Masters at The Cape Cod Museum in Dennis, MA, from July 13 to September 17, 2017. This is an exhibition of lithographs and mixed-media prints created collaboratively with Dan Welden as Master Printer.

Laura G. Einstein writes in Journal of the Print World, “…this exhibition tributes a remarkable group of artists who have collaborated with Dan [Welden] at his Sag Harbor printmaking studio Hampton Editions Ltd., founded in 1972, that includes: Lynda Benglis, Willem and Elaine de Kooning, Jimmy Ernst, Dan Flavin, Kurt Vonnegut, Ibram Lassaw, Eric Fischl and Roy Nicholson, among others…. Roy Nicholson’s Toxic Garden, an edition of 19 solarplate monoprints–12 of which are on display in a grid-like suite, create an exquisite tableau that belies the toxic nature of the sweet pea plant in a variety of tones and shades. The masterful experiment in color juxtapositions causes the sweet pea to advance and retreat in a soft pattern akin to the 19th century designs of William Morris suggesting the rose and vine trellises in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Nicholson’s Toxic Garden assumes pride of place in an anteroom of this gallery.”

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The Long Island Museum

Pond (31) (Nkisi)Roy Nicholson’s painting “Pond ( 31) Nkisi” is currently on view at The Long Island Museum in Stony Brook NY, until October 20 2014. It is prominently displayed on the entrance panel to the exhibition which consists of 75 treasures from the collection to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the museum.

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Herskovic Lecture

Throughout my career I have developed paintings in series. One painting will often suggest alternatives that can be followed and exploited. Ideas can spread like branches of a tree. Although I am most interested in the process of painting, I often use a computer to revisit earlier states of a painting and to try out color or form changes.

-Roy Nicholson

In 2012, as part of an ongoing series of talks organized and presented by Marika Herskovic, Roy Nicholson gave a lecture in which he describes how he navigates between abstraction and representation in his work ranging from large-scale paintings and painting installations, such as the Federal Reserve Bank’s 52 Weeks installation, to public commissions like those at Union Station in Los Angeles or Hicksville Station on Long Island, New York.

Click here to watch the lecture on YouTube

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